The Secrets of Blyth's Hidden Reservoir

The Secrets of Blyth's Hidden Reservoir at South Beach Radio - News & Views for Blyth, Northumberland
Photo Credit: Garreth Maddison
stu - Reporter at South Beach Radio
Written 1 year ago by Stu Andrews

This is South Newsham reservoir, photographed by Garreth Maddison of Beautiful Northumberland
This tranquil spot near Meggie's Burn Field has been a popular place for walks during lockdown. But have you wondered why Blyth has such a body of water?

The History of Blyth's Secret Reservoir

From the mid-19th century, maps of South East Northumberland show small reservoirs dotted around the landscape, often near collieries, to supply this industry and the dependant population with water.
All water in the North East is now supplied by Kielder - and South Newsham reservoir is now used by a local angling club.
In the 1850s, the reservoir was part of a water works.
Adjoining the reservoir is the foundations of a building with rows of toilet cubicles inside, dating from the 1970s when the site was used as a caravan park. The toilets were built within what were two disused cottages, presumably built for the Water Works staff

Visit Blyth's Hidden Reservoir

Visit Blyth's Hidden Reservoir at South Beach Radio - News & Views for Blyth, Northumberland

If you wish to visit South Newsham reservoir, start by walking the path that runs from A193 Links Road, past Meggie's field. Follow the path past Blyth Valley Radio Model Club and turn right.

Please stick to public footpaths, respect the countryside and use the bins provided or take your litter home

For more pictures of Northumberland scenery and landmarks, follow Beautiful Northumberland

What is South Beach Radio?

What is South Beach Radio?

South Beach Radio - News & Views for Blyth

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We are just running a test stream for now so enjoy the music and feel free to like and comment on your favourite songs!

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