SHOCKING: Graffiti on Cramlington road sign.

SHOCKING: Graffiti on Cramlington road sign. at South Beach Radio - News & Views for Blyth, Northumberland
Photo Credit: Facebook / Danielle Leggett
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Written 6 months ago by Jess Keller

A horrid protest message has been found on a Cramlington road sign.

North East Ambulance Service responder Danielle Leggett was on duty when she made the horrific discovery.

A Thoughtless Message

Danielle posted:
"This 'artwork' has been created on a sign outside of the Ambulance Station I work at, on a sign that gives directions to our local hospital; a hospital which is currently full with COVID positive patients.
I'm currently in the middle of a run of nightshifts, night shifts which, just like every other shift in the last 12 months, feel both more physically and emotionally exhausting than they have in the last 4 and a half years I've worked on an ambulance.
On a night where I already felt low from having to spend 13 hours apologising repeatedly to patients and their families that its taken too long for the ambulance to arrive and been met with frustration and anger (understandably), we return back to our station for our break and a much needed cup of tea (which is late because we don't have the nicety of on-time breaks in the NHS)... then I discover this.
We found this 'creation' while heading out to our next job which, you guessed it, was for an unwell COVID positive patient. Let me tell you this once more, COVID IS REAL, COVID IS KILLING PEOPLE. You know how I know this? Because the people who are sick with it don't walk to A&E and then to ITU... they all come in by ambulance!!
In my opinion, one of the best parts of the UK is the freedom in which people have to hold their own beliefs and values but I am astounded beyond belief that there are individuals who still believe COVID is not real and who think its acceptable to call the NHS 'liars'."

Multiple signs vandalised in Blyth and North Tyneside

The graffiti is believed to have been penned by a local anti-vaxer group, who may also have targetted nearby North Tyneside Hospital

Danielle added:

"Your stupid sign isn't gathering followers, its not enlightening people to the 'truth', it's not 'sticking it' to the man or the government, it's just demoralising NHS staff even further... NHS staff like myself."

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