OPINION: A Changing Blyth

OPINION: A Changing Blyth at South Beach Radio - News & Views for Blyth, Northumberland
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Written 1 year ago by Jess Keller

Our first ‘Voice of Blyth’ piece has been written by a resident who wishes to be known as the ‘Fusilier’

A Changing Blyth

I was born and bred in Blyth… Queens Gardens Malvins Close to be exact. However, in 1964 I left Blyth to join the army until 1977, but instead of returning to my beloved Blyth, I decided to live in Newcastle, which on reflection wasn’t a bad thing as on my many visits to my family, town center and beach, I saw just how bad my little town had falling into disrepair and drugs.
I was one of eight in my family, three of us are still alive, two of which still live in Blyth so you see I still have ties to my home town.
I remember Blyth way back when as a sea port she was a great hub of activity. The ship building industry was still in full swing….opposite on the north side of river was the ship breaking yard.
There was a fishing industry, an import and export industry, a coal industry, a power station and the list goes on and on….yes Blyth was indeed a hub of greatness, but things don’t stay the same forever….things change old industries die and are not replaced for reasons beyond my reasoning and Blyth started on a downwards escalator for many years.
But, now there is a chance of change….there is a chance to rebuild Blyth….no not by returning to the old times but to a new lease of life.

Blyth can and should return to a bustling hub of activities with marinas, fishing fleet, a full market place, an activity beach stretching the full length of our sands, a bustling high street full of shops…..and our own railway connecting Newcastle, Whitley Bay, Newbiggin, Ashington and Morpeth….but, and it’s a big but, Blyth has a lot of work to do to clean up the streets and I’m not talking about litter.
Ian Levy is the new MP for Blyth, a man with vision and determination so let’s get it done, this is your town…..reclaim it.
I’m now 73 and I remember Blyth as it was and so do your grandfathers and grandmothers.
Blyth was a lovely place so I ask you to form your talk groups….your action groups, come together and have your meeting with those of the same dream to steer your council to the next generation of Blyth rebuilt!
The Fusilier

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