KEPT OFF: Why 9/10 Blyth Parents Refused To Let Their Kids Go To School

KEPT OFF: Why 9/10 Blyth Parents Refused To Let Their Kids Go To School at South Beach Radio - News & Views for Blyth, Northumberland
jess - Reporter at South Beach Radio
Written 1 year ago by Jess Keller

Schools in Blyth re-opened today for as part of the governments easing of lockdown restrictions.

But parents in Blyth were not happy to send their kids back!

This morning, South Beach Radio conducted a survey to see how many parents intended to allow their children back to school.

Out of 75 who answered, an overwhelming majority of 89% said that they were keeping their kids at home.

Children's Health At Risk?

Local mum Leigh Arkle expressed her concern:

We have followed all of the government guidelines and I do not feel like it is safe to send my daughter back to school (year 10) I will not put her health at risk and after seeing how manic the supermarkets have been this weekend, and the parks and beaches, I think we could possibly face a second wave of the virus.

Not Happy

Even parents who's children weren't yet due to go back showed some uncomfortable feelings. Lesley Gates:
"Mine aren't in the year groups going back today, but no they wouldn't be anyway"

Rules Ignored?

Others accused parents of having double-standards. Ray Mosley asked: 

"I wonder how many people who are saying no through choice, are people who have ignored the rules in parks and beaches over the last few months"

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