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Blyth - 'You Are Not Invincible' at South Beach Radio - News & Views for Blyth, Northumberland
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Written 1 month ago by Jess Keller

An open letter to the people of Blyth; words by Paula Scullion.
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From the Heart

To all those reckless people choosing not to wear masks because you think you are invincible and have no medical reason...
And to those not social distancing because - again - you think you are invincible...
Your behaviour and choices are having a major life threatening impact on everyone, that’s including your family, friends and loved ones! You are putting everyone at risk.
This isn’t a conspiracy theory or the Government trying to control you. THIS IS FACT & THIS IS HAPPENING HERE & NOW!
I have personally lost very dear friends to this terrible virus. Now, because of the drastic rise in positive cases I can not visit my Mam.
Those of us who have loved ones in residential care have not been able to hug or hold the hands of the people who mean the world to us since March. Those of us that have life-affecting medical conditions you are putting at risk, every time you make the choice not to wear a mask or not to social distance.
Nobody knows yet what the long term effects are of this virus are if you survive the virus. This may seem like a long-winded plea but I do plead with everyone to look after yourselves and in doing so you will be looking after all of us!
Paula Scullion

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What is South Beach Radio?

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