BLYTH TOWN CENTER: New Social Distancing Measures

BLYTH TOWN CENTER: New Social Distancing Measures at South Beach Radio - News & Views for Blyth, Northumberland
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Written 3 months ago by Jess Keller

New social distancing measures are to be introduced in Blyth from Monday 15th June:

  • Scheme of enhanced social distancing signage - including ground stickers, signs affixed to street furniture, bus shelters etc, targeted at pinch point areas and including pedestrian crossing points.

  • Work with traders to remove unnecessary street advertising boards / display of goods on the pavement

  • Work with the Town Council to relocate any street furniture, but only if this is creating an obstruction that results in social distancing problems.

  • Adjust timings of town centre pedestrian crossing points to make it easier for pedestrians to cross quickly and reduce the potential for queues to form. 

  • Implementation of 20mph speed limit to slow down drivers in Bowes Street to create a safer pedestrian environment when negotiating the narrow areas around the large brick planters.

  • Provision of additional cycle parking racks to encourage more cycling into the town centre at locations jointly agreed with the town council.

  • Provision of ‘Community Ambassadors’ for at least the first week of reopening to provide a highly visible presence within the high street offering support and guidance to shoppers and traders and to have ‘eye’s on the ground’ to identify any issues for escalation.

  • Allocation of a senior manager to act as a key point of contact to the Town Council and other key stakeholders for any issues that require escalation/resolution. 

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