Blyth Entrepreneurs Launch Lockdown Support Group

Blyth Entrepreneurs Launch Lockdown Support Group at South Beach Radio - News & Views for Blyth, Northumberland
jess - Reporter at South Beach Radio
Written 8 months ago by Jess Keller

As the Covid-19 crisis continues, many people are struggling to cope with the on-going conditions imposed by yet another lockdown.

Blyth local's Kerry Mitchell, Emmah Ord and Lisa Tate have got together to form a Facebook group to offer support and direction for anyone who may be suffering issues with mental health, or subject to domestic abuse.

Support for those in need, in Blyth and beyond

Founder Kerry Mitchell said:

We have access to phone numbers and email address to give people the start they need to seek help.

I, myself have mental health problems and so with this new current lockdown we thought it could be best to try and reach out to people in the same situation.

Within 24 hours our group has risen dramatically, and now has over 700 members. We are now looking to reach even further.

Our goal is to get this out to as many people across the country to help with anything they may find a struggle right now.

Lockdown Support Group

You can access and join the Lockdown Support group, here:

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What is South Beach Radio?

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